Youth Clubs

At FishHawk Sporting Clays, we pride ourselves on supporting our youth, giving them fun, knowledgeable experiences and memories.

FishHawk Talons

FishHawk Talons in cooperation with Youth Education in Shooting Sports welcomes shooters from 5th grade to collegiate level to learn, experience and participate with certified instructors in recreational and competitive clay target shooting sports at FishHawk Sporting Clays.  

Instruction and practice is twice a month running from September to June for all shooting levels.  Most practices will be from 2 to 5 pm on Sundays with a few practices having to take place earlier or on different days to accommodate all scheduling.

Current pricing is $50.00 joining fee, and $40.00 per practice, which includes ammo and targets.  Fees may vary slightly when traveling to other clubs. 


State and National Competitions are available but not required.  Costs for these events will be on an individual basis, depending on what events are attended.

For more information, please contact FishHawk Talons below


FishHawk Dynasty

FishHawk Dynasty is a Chapter of the nationally recognized Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP), a youth shooting program that promotes and encourages organized shooting to student’s ages 8 to 18. Through a variety of fun, team-based shooting tournaments they provide student athletes with a supportive environment where shooting sports serve as catalysts for teaching life lessons and skills that emphasize positive character traits and citizenship values. Throughout all training, practice and competitions, they continue to instill in their participants a commitment to safe firearm handling, teamwork and leadership. Using a combination of education and athletics, Dynasty coaches work to enhance the growth and personal development of their student athletes.

Team Dynasty was formed in 2013 with a handful of student athletes, throughout the season the team grew and completed its first season taking 18 athletes to the 2014 Florida State SCTP Championship. At the beginning of the second season the team grew to 32 Athletes and fielded 26 competitors in the 2015 Florida State SCTP Championship and sent 6 athletes to the US National SCTP Championship and won the Rookie division. Currently they have won 6 Florida State SCTP Championships and 5 US National SCTP Championships. They host a dedicated staff of volunteer coaches all of whom are nationally certified instructor and sporting clay competitors.

For more information, please contact Coach Joe Mandracchia

Call or Text: (813) 624-6982    Email: