Family Memberships

$275.00 - $950.00
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All memberships provide reduced target fees, reduced rental fees and 10% discount on club merchandise. Below is members pricing. A purchase of a membership also includes an invition to our yearly complimentary member dinner. Members will also receive other promotions and discounts throughout the year.

* Family is defined as Husband, Wife and Children living at home.

Sporting Clays Price
Sporting Clays  $0.42/Clay 
Five Stand  $7.75/Round of 25 
Trap  $6.50 /Round of 25 
Skeet  $7.50/Round of 25 
Clays Golf Cart Rental  $15.00/Day 
Shotgun Rental  $20.00/Day 
12 Gauge Shells  Market Price 
12 Gauge Case  N/A 
20 Gauge Shells  Market Price 
20 Gauge Case  N/A 
Pistol Range Silver Price Gold Price Platinum Price
Pistol Range Fee  $10.00/Per Day/Per Person  $5.00/Per Day/Per Person  $0.00/Per Day/Per Person 
Pistol Range Orientation  Waived  Waived  Waived 
Pistol Golf Cart Rental  $7.50  $5.00  $0.00 
Pistol Range Steel Targets  $3.00  $2.00  $0.00 
Small Splatter Target  $1.00  $1.00  $1.00 
Large Splatter Target  $1.50  $1.50  $1.50 
Small Target  $0.50  $0.50  $0.50 
Large Target  $1.00  $1.00  $1.00 
Large Game Target  $2.50  $2.50  $2.50 
Pistol Range 10 Clay Targets  $1.00  $1.00  $1.00 
Rifle Range  $10.00  $5.00  $0.00 

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